Name In Lights   T-Treehouse Lantern
Name in Lights, 2011
Signed limited edition etching by Tony May in collaboration with master printer, Fannie Retsek of the San Jose ICA Print Studio.
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  T. Tree House Maquette Lantern,
No Gucchi Lamp (v4)   Great Lampkin

No Gucci Lanterns, 2003-2005
Versions 1-3, Mixed media

  Great Lampkin (in transit), 2004
Mixed media, 55 x 55 x 55 inches
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Tetrahedron Lamp   Multibulb Lantern
Tetrahedron Lamp and Tetrahedral Lantern, 2003, Metal, bamboo and hardware
  M. Lantern, 1993, wood, paper, 5 gallon metal can, electrical fittings, etc. Installation view
T Brick Light   Moon Lamp
T Brick Lamp, 1994
Capp Street Project Bricks
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  Moon Light, 1968
Mixed media, 12 x 8 x 5 inches
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