F. L. Olmstead and Prof. Tony May

Two Unretouched Photos, 1860 & 1987, 1987. Photo by Dale Leslie
Top text reads: Frederic Law Olmstead, creator of the American landscape style, photographed at the time of Central Park's construction. Bottom text reads: Anthony Peter May, San Jose artist, in recent photo, attempting to establish his credentials as a landscape architect.

When May happened upon this image of Frederick Law Olmstead, the famous landscape architect and designer of Central Park, he noticed an uncanny resemblance to himself. Playing with his identity through reenactment and photography, this work appeared on the cover of Volume 1, Issue 1 of Mumbo Jumbo, a short lived publication produced by the Graphic Design department at San Jose State University.
– Susan O'Malley

Dale Leslie was the photographer for this piece. Dale was a student in one of the first art classes I taught at SJSU and has remained a close friend and collaborator on a variety of projects over the years. His own artistic leanings have been largely directed into mycological studies where he has published many of his findings in learned professional scientific journals — in Latin no less.
– Tony May