T House Maquette on site
Maquette for T. House, 1983, photographed on site in 1983, pre-construction with excavation in the background

"The T. House in Tony May's backyard should be considered along with David Ireland's house as a major Bay Area art icon of the past 25 years. It is an amalgam of many things: a work shed, a studio, a gigantic lantern, a greenhouse, a Japanese teahouse, and a backyard garage. A two-story glass and wood edifice, the hanging out/talking/drinking tea or otherwise area is on the second floor. Downstairs are the rougher working and storage spaces. T. House is on the surface a merger of Asian and Western building styles, but perhaps it is better understood as a conversation between Midwestern American love of plain functionality and West Coast attitudes about improvisation and beauty."
–Renny Pritikin (from the catalog essay, "Why Aren't You Famous Yet?" accompanying the exhibition "Tony May—Old Technology", 2010-11)