Remedying Two  Small Flaws
Remedying Two Small Flaws, 1982, Permanent installation, in groupshow "South Bay Sculpture",
Sunnyvale Community Center, Sunnyville, CA

This piece is related to a series of woks which I have done dealing with the theme: "Home Improvements".
    I have chosen as the site for my work two small spaces on either side of the large oak tree at the Sunnyvale Community Center which were created inadvertently by a rather awkward convergence of sidewalk ramps and concrete borders. My piece is intended to remedy these two small "architectural flaws", and to appear to be a logical (even desirable) addition to the site. Done in the mediterranean-based tradition of concrete and mosaic tile construction, it introduces a humanizing touch of color and small scale hand-craftmanship to an area otherwise dominated by large unrelieved concrete forms.
    The piece is dedicated to John Giudici and Mary Giudici Young and owes much of its inspiration to their work.
— Tony May, from the catalog "South Bay Sculpture, an exhibition of outdoor sculpture", 1982